“Pam’s classes feel like a homecoming, a return to the inner wisdom accessible to all of us but so easily obscured by self-doubt and distraction.  Drawing on her many years of deep experience and training, Pam guides her students through an asana practice that beautifully integrates body and breath, movement and meditative awareness.  Pam meets each of us exactly where we are and then inspires us to learn and grow, to cultivate a spirit of inquiry and compassion as we explore our own bodies and learn to quiet our own busy minds.  There are many good yoga teachers out there these days.  What I love about Pam is that, as a wife and mother herself, she is fully engaged in the challenging realities of everyday life — and yet she is also connected to a profound source of wisdom, spirit, and strength.  Her own calm center, her inner light, her grace and humor are a continuing inspiration to me and, I’m sure, to all of us fortunate enough to attend her classes.”
– Katrina Kenison, author, Mitten Strings for GodThe Gift  of an Ordinary Day

“As someone who usually has a lot to say, I find myself at an absolute loss for words when it comes to Pam. How do you put in writing testimony to one of the greatest gifts of your life? As a long time believer that life is to be devoured, celebrated, lived with passion and purpose, I was missing one of the key elements of being able to do just that – the ability to live fully and completely in the moment. Pam came into our life and gave me, and by extension my family, that gift. She teaches with grace and joy and humor, leaving you with a mental serenity everyone around you appreciates.
– Alexandra Drane, Founder, Eliza Corp.; co-founder, Engage with Grace

“I believe in miracles because of Pam. She has helped move my broken body, mind and spirit into an incredibly happy place. It has been nine years that we have worked together, a time in which I survived a stroke and two severe accidents resulting in eight broken bones, leaving me in a wheelchair for many months. We actually found a way to do yoga while I was bedridden, starting with small, gentle movements, graduating over days, months, weeks and years to an almost daily practice. Pam’s strong knowledge of anatomy, therapeutic poses, and careful eye have led me to have a comfortable, pain free life.

“Pam was able to work in conjunction with my doctors, physical therapist, massage therapist, reiki therapist and others to ensure a full recovery. Our yoga sessions have kept me focused and motivated and have given me the will to go on. I can honestly say that without Pam and her incredible care and knowledge, I would not be where I am today. She has made me smile inside and out, just thinking about the progress I’ve made. Pam has given me the gift of movement, balance, confidence, inner strength, mental acuity, peace, breath and positive self esteem. Her kindness, easy demeanor and grace transcend all.”
– Elisa F.

“Pam is a life changing teacher! She has not only toned my body, she has also tuned my spirit. Her deep understanding and cultivation of the connection between my physical yoga practice, and the strength of my true core self, has helped me to integrate body with spirit, reaching stillness, clarity, and insight. Through well designed sequences, stories, humor and instruction, Pam has taught me over and over again for more than 10 years, to return to my calm center, the place where a life of fulfillment, happiness, wellness, and service to the world begins. Her passion and commitment to this work and to her students is inspiring!”
-Deb J.

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